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At first, aerial videography sounds relatively straightforward. Strap a small camera to a remote controlled UAV, set up your shot and then start recording. Oof…if only it were that easy! While recent advancements in technology have made aerial videography more approachable, we can say firsthand that cinematography with a drone is not a very forgiving activity. Learning to safely pilot a UAV is one thing, but knowing how to produce useable, squiggly-free video is another. From mastering basic aerial videography pans to balancing your propellers and using gimbals, let’s deconstruct what it takes to become an expert drone videographer. It's a long way of experience.... Our Pilots and UAV's are insured, certified and registered by CAA, inspected by LBONA experts. We have special permissions to film in Urban, Military areas. Our UAV's quite often fly on deconflicting aircraft paths in cooperation with helicopters and other aircrafts.

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Filming in remote areas and tough conditions. Aerial, Underwater, War zone, F-1, Acrobatic airshow, Enduro expedition, Volvo ocean race, Montblanc... you name it ! Already been there and done that... Our team is providing Aerial Cinematography, 3D scanning, CGI graphics, Panoramic photo tours, Support service for Cinema and TV Production, Live broadcast and webcast with range of platforms more than 20 years! Just give us a good Challenge. We are creating production and documentaries for National Lithuanian Television channels LRT, LNK, BTV, TV3... Email/tv@bigadventure.lt Phone: +37069872656